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Card Table

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 12.29.56The Card Table is part of Weaver’s exploration into alternative forms of public conversation. The project reserves a place for specialist knowledge, but instead of an ‘expert’, in this place there is a ‘dealer’ in a new kind of card game.

In The Card Table, dealers create deconstructed panel presentations in the form of thirteen interchangeable points. Players decide how the presentation unfolds, forging their own connections and actively participating in the transfer of knowledge. Tournament organisers keep score, but everyone is a winner. After the game is played, the card deck becomes a living archive of each particular encounter.

This playful approach to academic formats directly addresses the problem of access to public knowledge. It substitutes the familiar complexity of a card game for the more rarified jargon of academic discourse. The Card Table celebrates the value of specialized knowledge, but makes the process of sharing this knowledge open and participatory.

The Card Table was released at the Affective Archives conference at QMUL in 2010. The dealers included Susanne Franco, Giulia Palladini, Heike Roms and Jurgita Staniskyté.

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