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The Library of Performing Rights

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis ongoing project focuses on the importance of human rights activism in the context of globalisation and violent conflict. The library form connects diverse geographical contexts while insisting on the importance of context-specificity. The Library of Performing Rights contains publications, videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs, brochures, digital and web-based initiatives. All of these materials can be transported, reassembled and re-contextualised in each location they are installed.

The Library of Performing Rights is a traveling archive. It collects materials related to human rights activism, but it also provides a context for dialogue and face-to-face encounter. It is a deeply collaborative project with international scope. Recently, the Library traveled to Brazil, in a collaboration with Rio-based Videoteca Panorama. The project was initiated in 2006 at Performance Studies international #12: Performing Rights, held at Queen Mary, University of London. It was developed in collaboration with Lois Weaver and the Live Art Development Agency.


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